How much will you save?

Direct Europe will guarantee savings for your business
by conducting a managed print audit.

In most cases a saving can be made of between 10 to 25% of your current spend. Quite simply our Print Management Service ensures that you pay only for what you use, have transparency of what you are paying for and save on every page produced.

Most businesses today have evolved a printer strategy based on individual need, with little regard for the total cost of printing across the entire organisation. The net result is costs increase, control is decreased and thousands wasted, reducing your company’s profit.

Within a matter of minutes, using our ‘print audit five connector’ we can obtain the current meter readings of every printer on your network, with no need to put software onto your network. The process is repeated 30 days later to establish your average usage on each device, both colour and black.

During the 30 day period:

  • An in-depth physical on-site audit is also carried out - incorporating one-to-one discussions with users as necessary and taking into account individual site logistics.
  • The cost of consumables such as toner, capital cost of equipment, any service agreements and equipment rentals is also established.
  • A date is agreed within fifteen days following the audit completion when you will be presented with a detailed report including.
  • Location type and print volume on all devices.
  • Exact cost per page both colour and black.
  • Exact current spend.
  • Detailed recommendations of how to improve working process if required.
  • Equipment recommendations if required and confirmation of the savings that will be achieved.

How much will you save?