Flexible Finance Agreements

Direct Europe is able to offer many flexible financial options; we are specialists in equipment funding that fits the requirements of our customers.

collage2The Rental Plan is the mainstay of our success in the corporate and government sectors. This facility enables our customers to upgrade their equipment at any time to keep abreast of changing technology or market conditions.

Whether your organisation is replacing existing equipment or adding to the established base, the question of finance will always be a primary factor in your decision.

Should you be locked into an agreement with a current supplier or finance company, Direct Europe can settle any agreements for you if required. More often than not this can be done without increasing your existing expenditure. This is naturally dependent on the new machinery you require. 

We are committed to providing quality service back-up across a range of products at competitive prices.

All of Direct Europe’s financial options comply fully with the consumer credit act and the mandatory requirements contained within regulation 6.2 of the Local Authorities Capital Finance Regulations (1990) and Statutory Instruments 1990 (number 432)